The 4th Myanmar Pearl Auction in Hong Kong in February, resulted in the combined sale of USD $14.9 million for the Myanmar Pearl Auction, as well as South Sea pearl producers from Tahiti and the Philippines.

Commenting on the event, Michael Hajjar , Director of Business Development” This year's Myanmar Pearl Auction saw a significant increase in quantity of Myanmar's top grade pearls, and the BELPEARL AUCTION saw the addition of a new Tahitian producer, focused on producing exceptionally large size pearls of very high quality. As usual, the large size intense gold colors fetched the highest premiums. However this year, small size (9-10mm) Blemish free, Golden South Sea pearls attained new highs in excess of 500 USD per momme.”  He futher noted “This year saw a record buyer attendance with the majority base out of Asia. Of the approximately 100 companies who attended, nearly 85 were successful buyers. “

The next Myanmar pearl Auction is being planned for November 2016 and will feature the private share of  the harvest of two of Myanmar's top pearl producers. Our next BELPEARL AUCTION will be held on the 21-22nd of June and will feature the harvest of one of Indonesia's premier South Sea pearl producers PT. Bima Sakti Mutiara + TM. pearls.