Organized by BELPEARL AUCTIONS (HK) LTD on the 23-26 of February, resulted in a  sale of USD $11 million comprising of the Myanmar Pearl Auction, The Timor Otsuki Auction and the BELPEARL Partner Auction.


Mr. Michael Hajjar, director of business development Belpearl Auctions: “We’re very happy with the results, the buyer sentiment is positive, and I think that our efforts at organizing the best South East Asian pearl suppliers in the world under one event has contributed to that sentiment. For buyers, our auction has become a benchmark, where the price of the finest quality Gold and BlackSouth Sea pearls, is established.”


Commenting on new developments: “We’re also very proud to have organized the first ever, debut auction of PT. Timor Otsuki Mutiara, the Indonesian branch of the Otsuki Pearl Group from Japan.” Hajjar said, “The pearls were of excellent surface quality and luster, and of exceptionally large size, averaging roughly 13mm (1 momme) on average, with a wide range of colors including deep gold to warm white.”


  • Myanmar Pearl Auction

The auction began on the 23-24th of February, with the 5TH Myanmar Pearl Auction which resulted in a sale of $6,596,172, with an average of 162 USD per momme and 129 USD per piece.  96% Sold.


  • Timor Otskui Auction

The Myanmar Pearl Auction was followed by the first ever debut of Timor OtsukiMutiara (T.O.M) on the 25th of Febuary. The T.O.M pearl farm venture based out of Eastern Indonesia and operated by the Otsuki Pearl Group. The auction resulted in a sale of approximately : JPY 284,017,000 with an average of JPY 12,175yen per momme and JPY 12,144 per piece. 97% Sold.


  • BELPEARL Partner Auction

The BELPEARL Partner Auction featured independent Tahitian and Indonesian pearl producers, brought in a value of $ 1,986,998 USD with an average of $35 per momme and $16 per piece. 97% Sold.


Upcoming News:

The next BELPEARL Auction is being organized for June, 2017 and will feature the harvests of : Myanmar Andaman Company, Indonesia’ Timor Otsuki Mutiara and Indonesia’s Bima Sakti Mutiara.