Last month’s BELPEARL AUCTION was held in Hong Kong from the 20-21st of June, generating approximately USD $2.66 million in sales of Indonesian South Sea pearls, according to auction organizer, the BELPEARL group.

The BIMA Auction showcased the harvest ofthe joint Indo/Japanese  pearling venture, known as the  BIMA SAKTI MUTIARA PEARL COMPANY (B.S.M). The Bima Sakti Group has produced higher grade, lustrous south sea pearls for over 35 years on Sumbawa island, in the Indonesian Archipelago of West Nusa Tenggara.

Mr. Michael Hajjar, director of business development Belpearl Auctions pearling group commented on the success of the event: “The BSM Group is one of Indonesia’s finest pearl producers, and we are happy to have had the opportunity to exhibit the producers naturally broad range of colors, ranging from white, yellow and gold including BSM’s famous naturally bronze and copper toned pearls.” He further noted: “Demand, primarily from Asian markets seem to still support good bidding,  especially for finer goods, and lots of small size round pearls that were clean and lustrous performed very well ” The Auction was held prior to the HKTDC June Jewellery show attracted nearly 100 pearl traders and jewelers.