The BELPEARL AUCTION event organized by BELPEARL AUCTIONS (HK) LTD, resulted in an aggregated sale of  approximately USD $7.4 million. The auction showcased the harvests of pearl producers from Indonesia and Myanmar over a five day period, prior to the Hong Kong June Jewellery Show in Hong Kong.

Mr. Michael Hajjar, director of business development Belpearl Auctions: “We’re very pleased with the results from our latest auctions for our auction partners. At peak we had over 100 companies attend the auction, reflecting the intense interest in our auction platform. “This year we began our auction with one of Myanmar’s premier pearl producers, the Myanmar Andaman company, alongside our own pearl farming partnership in Indonesia, the Belpearl Indonesia company. Following that, we were proud to present for the second time the Bima Sakti Mutiara Company and the Timor Otsuki company.“What was special this auction was the amount of quality, White Indonesian South Sea pearl lots from both the Bima Sakti company as well as the Timor Otsuki company. This seems to reflect the growing trend of Indonesian producers attempting to diversify their color offerings.”


Upcoming News:

The next BELPEARL Auction is being organized for early September, 2017 and will feature the harvests of producers from the Phillipines, Indonesia, Tahiti and Myanmar.END PRESS